• How do the prices work?

Before you participate in any of our classes (except in Week 1 when all classes are free), you have to be a member of our club. Membership lasts for the whole year and gives you discounted entry to events like our socials and our camp and also covers your insurance!
After becoming a member, you can pay for each one hour class at the casual rate, or you can pay upfront for the semester of the class (say, a semester of New Vogue) at a discounted price. We also offer $5 off the class price if you sign up for the whole semester in O Week or Week 1. You can sign up for as many classes as you want! However, you do pay for each of them separately. 

Multi class discount: If you sign up for three or more classes, the third (and every class after) are also $5 off!

You can find the price list here.


  • Can I try out the class for free on my first time?

If you are reading this during the first week of semester then yes! If not, then unfortunately you’ve missed out. Your options are to pay the membership price and the casual rate of $10 for a class or sit on our comfortable couches and observe a class. If you pay for a casual class and later that day decide to sign up to the class for the semester, the $10 you paid goes towards the class cost, so you lose no money!


  • How do I pay/sign up?

We have a stall at Orientation Week each semester, where you can sign up. Otherwise you can come down to the rehearsal room whenever a class is on, and sign up there. Talk to any person sitting at the desk, or on the couches. They will probably be a committee member, because we live down there. They will sign you up for membership and classes.


  • Where is the rehearsal room?

We’re in the Campus Centre, 21 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus, underneath Boost Juice. Walk inside the double doors just to the left of Boost Juice, go through the grey door on the right, and go down the stairs. The rehearsal room is the first on your left!


  • Can I join a class halfway through a semester?

Yes! You are very welcome to join a class at any point in the semester. Class costs stay the same throughout the semester (except for early bird pricing in O Week and Week 1).


  • What if I’ve never danced before?

Any of our beginner, open or unspecified classes are great for first-time dancers! MDS caters for all levels, even absolute beginners – we usually have a wide range of students with different levels of training and ability, so fear not if you haven’t danced before, we’ll have you busting a move in no time!


  • I’ve done some dance before, what class level would suit me?

To get the best idea of your level compared to the class, come down and talk to our teachers. They don’t bite, we feed them enough. As a rule of thumb beginner classes cover basic steps and routines, so if you’ve done any similar styles try the Intermediate/Silver. If you have taken more than two medal tests, try our Advanced/Gold. 


  • Can I switch classes or can I buy a semester of a mix of classes?

We don’t sell semesters of mixed classes and we prefer that you don’t switch classes. The reason is that it is a massive admin mess to work out who has paid for each class and how many people are in each class. You can try out different classes in Week 1 of the semester since they’re all free and you can also try them at our Dance Camp and bi-monthly dance parties.


  • Do you have classes in the evenings or the holidays?

Unfortunately not. Our classes run from week 1-12 inclusive. (excluding university holidays) You can see all the classes we run in our timetable


  • What should I bring/wear to class?

Comfortable clothes and shoes you can dance in, and a water bottle!
At our dance classes, you can wear anything you feel comfortable dancing in. Make sure your movement isn’t restricted – for ballet and contemporary, many people wear socks and flexible clothing such as leggings and a tank top, while in classes like salsa people go for jeans and tshirts. It can also get very warm in the rehearsal room, so if it’s a cold day – wear layers! For particularly energetic classes you may want to bring a towel and maybe a change of clothes.
Wear shoes that will stay on your feet, won’t make you slip, and won’t stick to the floor. If you have dance shoes, feel free to wear them!


  • What’s the difference between (Bronze), (Silver) or (Gold) classes and the social classes?

The bronze, silver or gold classes are Medal classes, which means you focus on set routines (in usually three styles) for the semester, covering patterns and techniques. At the end of the semester you then perform the routines in front of judges, who give you feedback (you also get a nice little trophy!).
The social classes cover more styles, are more relaxed, and are focused more on social aspects than technique.
If you still can’t decide, come and try both!


  • I’m interested in teaching x dance style, would you like another class?

Unfortunately the club doesn’t have the resources to host every style we want to. However, we would seriously consider running a class that has enough dedicated interested students.


  • Can I join the committee?

Ok you got me, this isn’t a frequently asked question, but it should be! Being on committee is great to satisfy your desire for dance and it looks nice’n’shiny on a resume. Speak to any committee member to join.


  • Just how awesome is the club?

More awesome than a Youtube clip with one-hundred trillion views. That’s right, I went there.


  • Would you like to buy cheap medication?

info@monashdancesport.org gets a lot of spam. No thanks.