Free food, committee elections, dancing and fun!

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The AGM - annual general meeting, is when the committee for next year is elected. There will be free food and social dancing!

Venue: TBC

Time: TBC

Are you passionate about dancing? Do you think you can help MDS become even better? Do you want to add a little something to your resume? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should join committee! See below for role descriptions:


The President is ultimately responsible for the proper functioning of the club.
  1. To chair all committee and general meetings of the club;
  2. To prepare agendas and supporting papers for each of the above;
  3. To make all necessary room bookings;
  4. To co-ordinate activities within the club committee, including formation of sub-committees as when deemed appropriate;
  5. To co-ordinate and oversee all club activities;
  6. To submit an annual report to the club’s Annual General Meeting;
  7. To act as spokesperson for the club;
  8. To provide direction and leadership to the Committee;
  9. To organize teachers for all classes held by the club;
To attend Team Monash presidents meetings or organise for another executive committee member to attend in their absence.
The Vice President is responsible for the proper functioning and coordination of all classes, practices and other functions as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

  1. To appoint committee members as head coordinators of club events;
  2. To monitor the coordination and organization of club events; and ?
  3. To facilitate the coordination and organization of the activities of the Committee, including but not limited to the formation of subcommittees for: ?
    1. dance and/or medal practice sessions;
    2. any other activities as deemed appropriate by the Committee.


The Secretary is responsible for the effective administration of the club. The Secretary must give to the Registrar of Incorporated clubs notice of his or her appointment within 14 days after the appointment.
  1. To prepare minutes and supporting papers as appropriate;
  2. To ensure proper notice is given to committee members of all committee meetings;
  3. To ensure proper notice is given to all members for all general meetings;
  4. To manage all correspondence, both inwards and outwards
  5. To maintain a list of all correspondence inwards and outwards to inform the General Committee.
  6. To maintain an up-to-date register or database of all financial members of the club;
  7. To ensure regular clearing of club letterbox;
  8. To keep a calendar of the club’s activities
  9. To bring to the attention of President, Committee and club all relevant matters in the committee meeting minutes;
  10. To keep custody of all books, documents and securities of the club, including a copy of the Constitution and all by-laws made thereunder for the time being in force.
  11. To provide members with access to information pertaining to themselves within the register of members, the minutes of general meetings and other books and documents, subject to the Constitution and the clubs Incorporation Reform Act 2012.


The Treasurer is responsible for the efficient management and control of the club monies.
  1. To ensure the club’s financial books and records are kept up-to-date at all times;
  2. To, including any delegates appointed by them, receive all moneys paid to or received by the club and issue receipts for those moneys in the name of the club;
  3. To make any payments authorised by the Committee or by a general meeting of the club from the club’s funds;
  4. To ensure cheques are signed by at least 2 committee members
  5. To ensure that all moneys received are paid into the account of the club within 5 working days after receipt;
  6. To prepare a budget for the club for the next 12 months and submit this to Team Monash;
  7. To complete one audit per year for Team Monash;
  8. To present an audited financial report to the club’s Annual General Meeting;
  9. To advise the Committee on price structure of all financial events undertaken by the club;
  10. To keep a record of all capital equipment purchased by the club;
  11. To be aware of the location of all capital equipment at all times.
  12. To ensure that at least one other committee member has access to the accounts and financial records of the club.



The Webmaster and Equipment Officer must—The Webmaster and Equipment Officer is responsible for proper maintenance and operation of all IT, web and tangible assets of the club.
  1. To maintain and update the website of the club;
  2. To ensure the proper functioning of all IT systems used by the club;
  3. To monitor and ensure the maintenance of equipment.
Updating the Website typically involves updating: 
  • O Week info (and special promotions during O-week)
  • Class timetable
  • Info on teachers
  • Events with posters and details of them
  • Any forms that members need to download / sign up links
  • Links to Facebook events



The Publicity Officer is responsible for ensuring adequate notice of all events of the club is given to all members of the club.
  1. To organize and co-ordinate all marketing and promotion for the club; and ?
  2. To ensure adequate notice of all events of the club is given to all members of the club; and ?
  3. To be responsible for all publicity relating to classes offered by the club; and ?
  4. To organize and co-ordinate publicity of any other functions offered by the club. ?
This typically requires doing the following:
Updating Facebook with:
  • All information about events; do this by creating an event from within the group
  • Keep the admins of Facebook updated 
  • Post updates about each event, and a thank you/congratulations message afterwards
Creating posters/pamphlets such as: 
  • Posters/Brochures for Dance Camp, Intervarsity, Medal Night, Dinner Dance, Get Bodied, Performance Night, Socials, External Competitions
  • Calendar of events
  • Posters for different dance styles
  • Timetable in room


The Magazine Editor(s) is responsible for the organization and publication of the club magazine on a regular basis.
  1. To act in an editorial role in the club’s magazine.
  2. To ensure a minimum of three (3) editions of the magazine are released every calendar year;
  3. To collate and write articles for the magazines;
  4. To organize the printing and postage of the magazine.


  1. To provide manpower for sub-committees formed for a particular purpose;
  2. To actively participate in the functioning of the particular sub-committee and give reports to the head of the sub-committee as necessary;
  3. To liaison with general club members, so as to promote effective communication between committee members and general members of the club.

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