Street Latin

At MDS we offer salsa, bachata and Argentine tango as separate classes and they all come under the category of Street Latin.



Salsa is the most popular Street Latin dance, originating from the Caribbean and Latin America. Salsa is a partner dance, although there are recognized solo steps. In Beginner Salsa, we tackle the basic foundations and dancing safety. In Intermediate, we add extra styling and variation. We also have a salsa playlist which you can listen to through Spotify!


A new latin american street dance style that is growing fast around the world. Bachata is the most romantic and sexy dance there is yet, mixing both passion for dancing and skill. It is filled with smooth hip movements which enhance the already romantic and sensual music.


Zouk is grounded on wave-like movements, elongated steps and striking hair movements by the lady. The class is open level, and you learn the founding rhythms and moves, how to dance in an open and a closed embrace, and a few styling tips to ice the cake.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is all about lead-and-follow. It involves smooth flowing combination of elements such as leg wraps, turns and sweeps. You begin with mastering the Tango walk and connection in order to lead and follow, and then go on to challenge more complex motions like kicks, lifts and blocks for performances. Will you dance it slow and seductive or quick with an angry passion? Tango is a dance for artist in us all. We also have an Argentine tango playlist which you can listen to through Spotify!