Street “Underground” styles / K-pop

Urban Choreography

Work on your execution and body lines, applying technique with a different choreography each week, to the tunes of Chris Brown, and Weeknd. Levels differ in the complexity of music and choreographies, and the basics of key moves are taught in beginner.

Hip Hop

Hiphop is all about groove and technique, dancing along to Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars and Beyonce! In beginner we work on basic body elements, the culture of hip hop, with some elements of breaking, popping, locking, krumping, and house.

Reggaeton/ Dancehall

Learn to shake that booty! In 2017, Reggaeton and Dancehall rotate each semester. The class is open level, and you learn a routine to songs by the likes of Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Sean Paul. Come and experience the fun of hip hop dance mixed with Latin styles!



Korean Pop music, commonly known as ‘K-pop’ has a distinctive bright colour and energetic style, with an emphasis on boy-groups and girl-groups, sometimes with as many as fifteen members! It was largely inspired by American hip-hop and pop in the 90s and blends Eastern and Western styles. A large focus is placed on glamour, charisma and sharply executed, synchronised dance performances.