At MDS we offer the following styles!


Latin is all about faster-paced, more sensual, and rhythmic expression. Work on that footwork, hips and core! Begin learning the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Samba in Bronze, plus Jive in Silver and Paso Doble in Gold. We also have a latin playlist which you can listen to on Spotify!


Modern Ballroom (also known as Standard) is about learning to gracefully move two as one. We introduce the basics of the Waltz, Foxtrot and Quickstep in Bronze, before adding Tango in Silver and Viennese Waltz in Gold. We also have a Standard playlist which you can listen to on Spotify!



Australia’s own unique twist to Ballroom! Think of Ballroom with more story-telling freedom and an essential component of any Ballroom Latin social! Begin learning the Merrilyn and Evening Three Step from Bronze through to the Pride of Erin, Swing Waltz and many more in Silver and beyond.


Swing dancing is all about having fun and feeling the groove! Dancing to the music from the 20’s to the 40’s, from fast paced Big Band tunes to cool, groovy numbers this dance is sure to leave a smile on your face. Begin learning the basics of Lindy Hop and Charleston to get you on the social dance floor and then add to it with variations and personal stylings in Intermediate. We also have a swing playlist which you can listen to on Spotify!


  •  SALSA

Salsa is a partner dance, although there are recognized solo steps. In Beginner Salsa, we tackle the basic foundations and dancing safety. In Intermediate, we add extra styling and variation. We also have a salsa playlist which you can listen to on Spotify!


A sensual street dance originating from the Dominican Republic that is now taking over the world, bachata is the most romantic and sexy dance there is yet, mixing both passion for dancing and skill. It is filled with smooth hip movements which enhance the already romantic and sensual music.

  • ZOUK

Zouk is grounded on wave-like movements, elongated steps and striking hair movements by the lady. This class is open level, and you learn the foundation rhythms and moves, how to dance in an open and a closed embrace, and a few styling tips to ice the cake.


Argentine Tango is all about lead and follow. It involves smooth flowing combination of elements such as leg wraps, turns and sweeps. You begin with mastering the Tango walk and connection in order to lead and follow, and then go on to challenge more complex motions like kicks, lifts and blocks for performances. Tango is a dance for the artist in us all. We also have an Argentine tango playlist which you can listen to on Spotify!



Ballet is all about body conditioning, graceful posture and toning. In both beginner and intermediate, classes consist of gentle warm-ups, technique drills for pointed feet, rising, jumping, stretching and spinning before ending with a dance choreography. It is strengthening, disciplined and stylised.

  • JAZZ

Jazz class is known in this club to have the most extensive fitness regime! If you want to learn the splits, come to this class. Think of fun, musical and modern routines. They levels differ in the complexity of formation changes, group work, leaps and turns.


Lyrical contemporary is all about expressiveness and individual style. In beginner classes, you experiment and learn to become more fluid in your dancing.  You learn improvisation, floor work and a dance choreography with varying levels of difficulty. It generally blends the softness of ballet with the strength of jazz.



Work on your execution and body lines, applying technique with a different choreography each week, to the tunes of Chris Brown, and Weeknd. Levels differ in the complexity of music and choreographies, and the basics of key moves are taught in beginner.


Hiphop is all about groove and technique, dancing along to Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars and Beyonce! In beginner we work on basic body elements, the culture of hip hop, with some elements of breaking, popping, locking, krumping, and house.


Learn to shake that booty! In 2017, Reggaeton and Dancehall rotate each semester. The class is open level, and you learn a routine to songs by the likes of Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Sean Paul. Come and experience the fun of hip hop dance mixed with Latin styles!

  • K-POP

Korean Pop music, commonly known as ‘K-pop’ has a distinctive bright colour and energetic style, with an emphasis on boy-groups and girl-groups, sometimes with as many as fifteen members! It was largely inspired by American hip-hop and pop in the 90s and blends Eastern and Western styles. A large focus is placed on glamour, charisma and sharply executed, synchronised dance performances.