Classes Run Weeks 1-12 Inclusive.

All classes are held in the Rehearsal Room in the Basement of the Campus Centre, Building 10 (beneath the Post Office).

All classes are free during Week 1. There is a $5 discount off Class Price if you sign up in O-Week or Week 1!


2017 – Semester 2 Timetable

Day/ TimeTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
10am-11amAdvanced Gold
Beginner Bronze Ballroom
Beginner Ballet
Gold New Vogue (Matt)
11am-12pmAdvanced Gold
Beginner New Vogue (Dawn)Beginner Jazz
Intermediate Silver Ballroom (Matt)
12pm - 1pmIntermediate Silver
Latin (Irina)
Beginner Latin (Dawn)Brazilian Samba (Minx)Intermediate Ballet (Toni)
1pm - 2pmBeginner Salsa
Beginner Swing
Dancehall (Minx)Intermediate Jazz
2pm - 3pmIntermediate Salsa
Intermediate Swing
Intermediate Hip Hop (Peter)
3pm - 4pmBeginner Bachata (Alex)Beginner Lyrical Contemporary (Indigo)Beginner Urban Choreography (Will)
4pm - 5pmIntermediate Bachata (Alex)Intermediate Lyrical Contemporary (Indigo)Intermediate Urban Choreography (Will)
5pm - 6pmOpen Argentine Tango (Alex)Beginner Hip Hop (Peter)Kpop (Will)
6pm - 7:30pm


• All Beginners classes have no prerequisites.
• Open classes are meant for complete beginners to advanced skill levels.
• Intermediate classes are recommended for those with prior genre experience, either at MDS or other dance clubs. Speak to our Style Representatives and try out a class to see your level. Depending on the style, students may have to take a test.
• Silver are for those who have attended Bronze classes before. Committed practice necessary.
• Gold classes are for those who have done Silver. Committed practice essential.