Prices (Effective 1st January, 2018)

MembershipYearly membershipSemester 2 only
Monash Students$20$15
Monash Staff/Alumni$40$30
ClassesPrice to sign up to a class for a semester (12 lessons) 
Once off Casual$10

Classes are free in Week 1! Try as many as you want!

Classes classified as Open level and any other class which doesn’t specify any skill level are treated as Beginner friendly classes and hence charged the Beginner price.

EARLY BIRD PRICES: Sign up to classes in O Week or Week 1 and get $5 off each class!

MULTIPLE CLASS DEAL: Sign up for more than 2 classes in one go and receive $5 dollars off all additional classes (3rd class inclusive)

What does the membership price mean?
To participate in any class you must be a member. Membership lasts for the entire calendar year. Not only does membership cover you for insurance, but you also get great discounts on all of our exciting activities through out the year! To sign up, come visit us at the rehearsal room under campus center. 

What does the class price mean?
You pay for a class for the entire semester, which means you get 12 lessons. Per lesson, with early bird prices, this works out to $4.17 for beginner classes, $5 for intermediate and $5.83 for advanced. Our classes are very affordable and you don’t need to travel, as it’s on campus and all our teachers are trained and experienced professionals.

You can take a casual class to try it before you sign up. If you sign up to the class later that day the cost of the casual class goes towards the cost of signing up.

All classes are held in the Rehearsal Room in the Basement of the Campus Centre, 21 Chancellors Walk (beneath the Boost), Monash University, Clayton campus. If you have trouble finding this room then look for Boost Juice at the campus centre, then take around 10 steps to your left and you should see automatic glass doors. Go through the doors, turn right and go through the door. Go down the stairs and you should see the front desk with our lovely committee and that’s where the rehearsal room is!

For more information, see our FAQs. If you are still unsure, email us at

Also spread the word and invite your friends to come along to not only “learn to dance” but also keep fit – which fits in well with Monash’s Fitness and Wellbeing initiative!! Please keep your Membership cards with you at all times as it helps us check things through the semester!